Renard Gluzman

Renard Gluzman completed his PhD at the Graduate School of Historical Studies in Tel-Aviv University on the subject of Private Shipping in Renaissance Venice (1480-1550), under the supervision of Benjamin Arbel.

The idea for this site was first conceived while cruising the southern shores of Cyprus on my small ketch boat some years ago. The names of few Venetian ships and merchant galleys that sank in this area came to mind. One cannot help wondering where these wrecks are now. The generous support of the Honor Frost Foundation, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and the Haifa Center for Mediterranean History at the University of Haifa presented a unique opportunity to address this issue.

This project is also an extension of my PhD dissertation in view of reworking it into a monograph that will present an updated evaluation of the fluctuations in the gross tonnage of Venice’s merchant marine, covering this period.

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